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What to do when the holiday payout balance shows negative figures in MYOB Payroll?



Sometimes, the holiday pay is displayed in negative figures in MYOB Payroll. In such case, what would you like to do? Feeling confused! Don’t worry, the professional help is always available for all the valued users. MYOB support number NZ for all your queries and concern related to payroll management.

ThIs error generally happens due to the following two reasons:

  • There are chances that the employee has already been paid by using the holiday code. This reduces the holiday balance. Usually, as the holiday update gets completed the payout balance gets nil and appears as 0. If the payment has been already then the payout will appear in negative figures. For verification, check the holiday pay code or choose to maintain audit for additional details.
  • Secondly, the problem may arise if the holiday update did not complete on time or interrupted due to some error. If you have finalized the pay and the leave update is still running, then the balance will likely appear as 0.

 In the above-mentioned cases, the only solution available is a manual entry. Try to utilize the periodic reports for checking the balance of the gross payment and manually calculate the holiday value for pay. Also, change the figures to correct the details and leave a note for all future references. The note section allows adding a note for all important payouts.

In addition, you can anytime reconcile the holiday pay and the related leave balances. The professionals suggest to print the holiday pay report of each employee and get it signed for verification. For nay additional query or concern, take the help of the accounting professionals, dial the Contact MYOB Support Number +64-04-8879113. For best use of the financial tool, make sure your software is updated from time to time.

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