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How to Troubleshoot MYOB Locking Issue?

MYOB or Mind Your Own Business is one of the well-crafted software which can take care of your accounting requirements. Being such crucial software to manage finances, it is important to keep the software safe at all times. There are varied issues when the program gets locked up and not allow users to log back in or connect via MYOB ODBC driver. This issue occurs when the application is closed incorrectly and does not close down its connections correctly.

The company after trying so hard to fix these issues, they have not been able to permanently resolve of dealing with them. The MYOB Support, on the other hand, is providing a good help on offering suggestions to all the customers. Designed to enable you to identify these issues, the app is eligible to deal with issues and minimize interruption to the workflow:

  • Go to MYOB company (.MYOB) file and if you find at least one person logged into MYOB, you should see three files of .flk file extension. These files are generally named as Access01.folk, Access51.flk, and Lock0001.flk. These are called the tracking/lock files and you have to delete them.
  • Delete the lock files.
  • Let everyone log out of MYOB.
  • Now, ‘lock’ files should automatically delete themselves at this point. If they don’t that means you have an issue.
  • When they are not deleting automatically, try to delete them manually. 
  • Once these files have been deleted the issue should be resolved. 
  • In an advanced case, if you haven’t been able to delete the files check for any open MYOB processes.
  • Open Task Manager > Processes.
  • Now check for the Show processes from all users > Checkbox > Re-sort by naming on Image Name column.
  • Now look for a process called Myobp.exe as it might be open in the background and preventing the lock files from being deleted.
  • Select the process and choose End Process.

For further details, issues, and information, call us at MYOB Support Number 099509148. All our executives are trained to offer solutions for various technical issues and thus, offer the best service with uncompromised quality. 

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