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How to set an account with MYOB

MYOB (Mind Your Own Business) is an Australian multinational company which provides tax, accounting, and other services for small scale businesses. It offers businessmen a good platform to work at. It can be used for paying bills, taxes you directly catch up vendors and clients. This is a platform where everyone can fulfill their needs as they want. It provides very useful features for its users like accounting, tax payment, professional contact management and more.


If you want to create MYOB accounts by following these steps, you can set up your account with it and get started.

•    First of all open MYOB home page.

•    Go to Command centre and click Account list. A new window will appear on the list.

•    Click on ‘New’ and fill the required information.

•    Select the account type which you want to create. if you want Select ‘Header’ or ‘Detail’.

•    After selecting you to need to go to Classification field changes accordingly.

•    Enter four digit account number. It must be unique so it will be used as your user id.

•    By press, Tab enters a name you want to set.

•    Click on detail.

•    Add the description in the description field.

•    If you selected the Header, the applicant can select and ‘when reporting, generate a subtotal for this section’. By selecting this option will include a subtotal line for this header in the balance sheet and profit and loss reports.

•    Fill the Tax code or GST code field with tax code you use for your transactions.

•    If you selected the asset, liability or equity type of account then choose an option from the classification of the statement of cash flows list.

•    If you are creating a bank or credit card account you want to fill your bank details. Click on banking option to fill that.

•    Then click Ok. And you are done with this process.

After That, you can set up your own MYOB account. If you need any help regarding MYOB Just Call On MYOB Helpline Number +64-04-8879113. our expert team Will Response Quickly. You can Touch Via Chat 24*7.

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