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How to Learn Synchronize a Company File Using MYOB?

Synchronizing a file is not that tough as customers feel. It can be chosen to synchronize the files automatically to your system. Firstly understand what exactly the synchronize means: changes made by you and others in an online company file save to a copy of the stored files on your system. This is called as an “offline” copy; it will only take 20 minutes, while the company is open. Synchronization can also be done manually for that you will have to perform a different process which is learned with of MYOB Support.

When you don’t have internet regular synchronize can help you view your online company on your computer. File is stored is in hidden folder: C:\Users\ (name)\AppData\Local\MYOB\AccountRight\Offline\.sync.

If You Can’t Synchronize Manually or Getting an Error, Then Perform These Steps:

  • Including AccountRight, close All Programs.
  • Use the combination of Windows and E keys on your keyboard. A window for Windows Explorer will appear.
  • Enter %localappdata% in the address bar & hit the Enter key on your keyboard. A list of all folders will appear.
  • Double-click to open the folders MYOB\AccountRight\Offline\.sync. Give right-click on this and select to Cut.
  • On your screen give a right-click and select Paste.
  • Now Start AccountRight.
  • Open the online company needed to be synchronized.
  • Click File tab and select Sync Company File. A message will appear titled Ready to Synchronize.
  • Click Sync, it will take few moments and you won’t be able to work while this process.
  • Lastly, when finished you can delete the stuff you posted on the desktop if you want to.

We hope you are satisfied with the above process if you need further info or details regarding this blog you can Contact MYOB  Tech Support Number 048879113. The team will guide you in resolving your issues with the best possible solutions provided by our well-trained technicians and highly experienced engineers. So do not sit idle grab the benefits of this service provided exclusively for you and your issues. Give a call and talk to our agents as soon as possible to get rid of your issues.

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