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How to Insert and Remove a tax code in MYOB?

Before we move on to setup an account in MYOB application, a basic requirement is you need to setup tax codes that will help you in setting up accounts. Today, we are here to explain this procedure to setup and in case, you are keen to know more about this application or want to speak with a live person then Contact MYOB Support NZ team. Experts at the support team will explain you more on its accessibility.
If you are already logged into your application then open tax code list window and from its menu bar you need to click on “Lists” and then “Tax Codes”.
Now code list window will appear where you get the options to add or delete an existing code.
How to Insert a tax code?
In order to add a code, you need to click on “New” that can be seen at the bottom of code list window and it opens information screen.
You Can Now Enter a Three Character Tax Code Into The Given Code Box. Additionally, You Have an Option To Enter Either The Description or the Tax Type. To reveal those sections, you need to press “Tab” on your keyboard and this given window will appear.
Once this window gets open you are able to do the following:
You can enter a description of a code.
  • Choose tax type.
  • Write a rate.
  • Choose an account for which tax is collected.
  • Choose an account for which tax is paid.
  • Choose a linked card for authority in case; you have setup a card for an appropriate taxation.
Now you need to review the information once you are done and click “Ok” to save the information. This way you are able to update a new code that you have just created.
How to Remove a tax code?
In order to delete it, go to code list and then select a code you want to delete. From its menu bar, you need to select edit and then delete.
Once you delete a code, it will disappear from window.
By following these steps, you are able to add and delete a tax code in your this application. In case, you face any issue then make a call on MYOB Support Number NZ 048879113. Technicians give you complete information on its easy accessibility as well as features.

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