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How to Import Data/Files in MYOB?

Whether you’re just starting out with accounts or want to brush up your financial skills or even you have just starting with accounting/financial management; using MYOB you can easily do all such thing without any hassle. MYOB is leading; proactive accounting management program that helps you to be more productive by maintaining your accounting, payroll, CRM, professional tax solutions and much more.

Data and customer & supplier list importing can be done easily using it. However, the way people generally import may be not same, but we can assure you by following MYOB Support NZ guidelines you can easily do the same. To this end, follow the below guidelines:

  • Double-click the MYOB application icon to open it.
  • Once the application opens, go to the file menu and choose Import/Export Assistant from the drop-down menu.
  • In the Assistant menu window, select the Import Data option and click the Next button to continue.
  • Here, you can select the type of data; choose any type you want to import from the list.
  • Now, click Browse to locate the location and choose a file you want to import. The file should be a text file with .txt extension.
  • Once you are done with importing, click Next.
  • Next, select the file format; type of the first record and method of handing identical records.
  • Here, click Next and begin the matching of import fields in the Available Fields column.
  • Choose next, if you didn’t create a prior backup or click the Back Up to make a new one now.
  • At last, click Import and let your data to be imported.

To resolve such issues, our support team is always geared up and provides the best services. If you happen to contact us you’ll be guided with all the necessary information and best possible solutions. Just contact at MYOB Customer Support Helpline Number @+64-099509148. And get the most relevant answers to your problems. Here, our team consist highly experienced technicians and highly professional engineers, who are just sitting for you and your queries. So do not hesitate to call, talk to them and do not stay in trouble for long as the team is always pleased to serve customers without letting you wait. 

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