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Why to Choose MYOB Tech Support?

Every business be it a small or a large one, it has an accounting method. It doesn’t matter how disorganized it is. If you are a small businessman, then you may have a manual accounting system (for ex- Ms excel) but rethink to a new level that how would it be if your work gets simpler with just few clicks?

It is possible with the easy to use accounting software that provides you an accurate view of how the tally is maintained. It is a computerized system that makes time tax obligations simpler. If you link your bank account to this application, then you won’t need any manual data.

Areas Where MYOB Link to Are:

  • Managing purchase orders
  • Working offline and making backups on desktop
  • Managing timesheets along with job tracking
  • Tracking jobs by creating them
  • Tracking profit and loss of accounts
  • Managing inventories
  • Making the payroll with correct leave data

Dating back to 1991 when MYOB started, it had one plan that was the idea to make the life of business easier. It is the leading provider of business management solutions. If you are away from your desk, then need not worry because this software solution offers you with an application that can be downloaded on your device, be it Windows, android or iPad/iPhone in just a couple of seconds.
In fact, invoice tracking, payment processing and invoice tracking is fully accessed in that app. To know more features of this solution software, visit MYOB Accounting Software Support and get the solutions in ease.
A Brief Sum Up of The Benefits That This Software Solution Offers:

  • Accessed anywhere and at anytime
  • Centralized data
  • Easy, safe and secure 
  • Managing backups
  • Makes GST filing easier
  • Timely billing and payroll

Some have the eager to get more from their accounting software. If that is you, then do not wait even for a minute to consider this easy to use application which can fulfill even the complex requirements of people.
Get in touch with this solution and make your life stress-free. Call at MYOB Helpline Number to talk to our expertise at our Toll-Free Number +64-099509148.

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How to Import Data/Files in MYOB?

Whether you’re just starting out with accounts or want to brush up your financial skills or even you have just starting with accounting/financial management; using MYOB you can easily do all such thing without any hassle. MYOB is leading; proactive accounting management program that helps you to be more productive by maintaining your accounting, payroll, CRM, professional tax solutions and much more.

Data and customer & supplier list importing can be done easily using it. However, the way people generally import may be not same, but we can assure you by following MYOB Support NZ guidelines you can easily do the same. To this end, follow the below guidelines:

  • Double-click the MYOB application icon to open it.
  • Once the application opens, go to the file menu and choose Import/Export Assistant from the drop-down menu.
  • In the Assistant menu window, select the Import Data option and click the Next button to continue.
  • Here, you can select the type of data; choose any type you want to import from the list.
  • Now, click Browse to locate the location and choose a file you want to import. The file should be a text file with .txt extension.
  • Once you are done with importing, click Next.
  • Next, select the file format; type of the first record and method of handing identical records.
  • Here, click Next and begin the matching of import fields in the Available Fields column.
  • Choose next, if you didn’t create a prior backup or click the Back Up to make a new one now.
  • At last, click Import and let your data to be imported.

To resolve such issues, our support team is always geared up and provides the best services. If you happen to contact us you’ll be guided with all the necessary information and best possible solutions. Just contact at MYOB Customer Support Helpline Number @+64-099509148. And get the most relevant answers to your problems. Here, our team consist highly experienced technicians and highly professional engineers, who are just sitting for you and your queries. So do not hesitate to call, talk to them and do not stay in trouble for long as the team is always pleased to serve customers without letting you wait. 

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How to Troubleshoot MYOB Locking Issue?

MYOB or Mind Your Own Business is one of the well-crafted software which can take care of your accounting requirements. Being such crucial software to manage finances, it is important to keep the software safe at all times. There are varied issues when the program gets locked up and not allow users to log back in or connect via MYOB ODBC driver. This issue occurs when the application is closed incorrectly and does not close down its connections correctly.

The company after trying so hard to fix these issues, they have not been able to permanently resolve of dealing with them. The MYOB Support, on the other hand, is providing a good help on offering suggestions to all the customers. Designed to enable you to identify these issues, the app is eligible to deal with issues and minimize interruption to the workflow:

  • Go to MYOB company (.MYOB) file and if you find at least one person logged into MYOB, you should see three files of .flk file extension. These files are generally named as Access01.folk, Access51.flk, and Lock0001.flk. These are called the tracking/lock files and you have to delete them.
  • Delete the lock files.
  • Let everyone log out of MYOB.
  • Now, ‘lock’ files should automatically delete themselves at this point. If they don’t that means you have an issue.
  • When they are not deleting automatically, try to delete them manually. 
  • Once these files have been deleted the issue should be resolved. 
  • In an advanced case, if you haven’t been able to delete the files check for any open MYOB processes.
  • Open Task Manager > Processes.
  • Now check for the Show processes from all users > Checkbox > Re-sort by naming on Image Name column.
  • Now look for a process called Myobp.exe as it might be open in the background and preventing the lock files from being deleted.
  • Select the process and choose End Process.

For further details, issues, and information, call us at MYOB Support Number 099509148. All our executives are trained to offer solutions for various technical issues and thus, offer the best service with uncompromised quality. 

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How to Learn Synchronize a Company File Using MYOB?

Synchronizing a file is not that tough as customers feel. It can be chosen to synchronize the files automatically to your system. Firstly understand what exactly the synchronize means: changes made by you and others in an online company file save to a copy of the stored files on your system. This is called as an “offline” copy; it will only take 20 minutes, while the company is open. Synchronization can also be done manually for that you will have to perform a different process which is learned with of MYOB Support.

When you don’t have internet regular synchronize can help you view your online company on your computer. File is stored is in hidden folder: C:\Users\ (name)\AppData\Local\MYOB\AccountRight\Offline\.sync.

If You Can’t Synchronize Manually or Getting an Error, Then Perform These Steps:

  • Including AccountRight, close All Programs.
  • Use the combination of Windows and E keys on your keyboard. A window for Windows Explorer will appear.
  • Enter %localappdata% in the address bar & hit the Enter key on your keyboard. A list of all folders will appear.
  • Double-click to open the folders MYOB\AccountRight\Offline\.sync. Give right-click on this and select to Cut.
  • On your screen give a right-click and select Paste.
  • Now Start AccountRight.
  • Open the online company needed to be synchronized.
  • Click File tab and select Sync Company File. A message will appear titled Ready to Synchronize.
  • Click Sync, it will take few moments and you won’t be able to work while this process.
  • Lastly, when finished you can delete the stuff you posted on the desktop if you want to.

We hope you are satisfied with the above process if you need further info or details regarding this blog you can Contact MYOB  Tech Support Number 048879113. The team will guide you in resolving your issues with the best possible solutions provided by our well-trained technicians and highly experienced engineers. So do not sit idle grab the benefits of this service provided exclusively for you and your issues. Give a call and talk to our agents as soon as possible to get rid of your issues.

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How to add an Account on MYOB Essentials?

MYOB is one of the best New Zealand Accounting software in New Zealand region. It is specially designed for Mac users but now its app is available for iPhone and iPad users. It is a strong, solitary vision to contact clients online. Its dashboard allows managing the client’s data whenever needed. Any of this software’s products can be used as a trial for 30 days. Make sure to update this software after purchasing to have the benefit of additional features added.
With this software, the user can produce instant reports on BAS and GST. Its products are easy to use and you don’t need to be an accountant to start with this. It gives a precise vision of the cash and makes a tax time commitment easier. Users can reach to MYOB Support for any of its product related query. Customers just need to visit its website and choose the product and select the type of support you want. To add an account on MYOB Essentials follow the given steps:
  • In MYOB Essentials select your business name and click Accounts list.
  • Go to Add accounts and the new window will appear to you.
  • Provide a unique Account Number. The number you type in this box need not be your real account number it can be anything which is only used for tracking the MYOB.
  • Enter Unique Account name.
  • Select Account type from the visible list.
  • Check Mark on the option of Tax Rate from the list.
  • Provide an Opening Balance in this step to move with the procedure.
  • If you desire to add an extra account in this then click in the shown boxes below and apply the same procedure as in steps four to seven
  • Enter the details and Save the details.
The procedure is completed now. I hope the above suggestions were clear in case not, Contact MYOB Support Number 048879113‚Äč for further guidance or any related query. They have skilled technicians to solve any tech issue. The professionals are there to serve you throughout the year with precise guidance. So, what are you waiting for? Pick the phone and dial their toll-free number and avail the services provided by them. Move ahead and get rid of every problem.

How to Insert and Remove a tax code in MYOB?

Before we move on to setup an account in MYOB application, a basic requirement is you need to setup tax codes that will help you in setting up accounts. Today, we are here to explain this procedure to setup and in case, you are keen to know more about this application or want to speak with a live person then Contact MYOB Support NZ team. Experts at the support team will explain you more on its accessibility.
If you are already logged into your application then open tax code list window and from its menu bar you need to click on “Lists” and then “Tax Codes”.
Now code list window will appear where you get the options to add or delete an existing code.
How to Insert a tax code?
In order to add a code, you need to click on “New” that can be seen at the bottom of code list window and it opens information screen.
You Can Now Enter a Three Character Tax Code Into The Given Code Box. Additionally, You Have an Option To Enter Either The Description or the Tax Type. To reveal those sections, you need to press “Tab” on your keyboard and this given window will appear.
Once this window gets open you are able to do the following:
You can enter a description of a code.
  • Choose tax type.
  • Write a rate.
  • Choose an account for which tax is collected.
  • Choose an account for which tax is paid.
  • Choose a linked card for authority in case; you have setup a card for an appropriate taxation.
Now you need to review the information once you are done and click “Ok” to save the information. This way you are able to update a new code that you have just created.
How to Remove a tax code?
In order to delete it, go to code list and then select a code you want to delete. From its menu bar, you need to select edit and then delete.
Once you delete a code, it will disappear from window.
By following these steps, you are able to add and delete a tax code in your this application. In case, you face any issue then make a call on MYOB Support Number NZ 048879113. Technicians give you complete information on its easy accessibility as well as features.

How to add, delete and modify a tax code in MYOB?

If you are using MYOB application to manage accounts of your organization, the very first requirement is to set up the tax codes that you can use to set up different accounts. Here is a complete description that explains:
  • How to add a toll regulation?     
  • How to delete an excise regulation?
  • How to modify an existing code?

How to add a tax code?

Open your application and go to toll regulation list from the menu bar and go to toll codes.
Now a toll regulation list window will open that gives you an opportunity to add, delete or modify an existing regulation.
In order to add a toll code, you need to click on “New” icon in this window which next opens a excise code information window.
Here you can enter a three characters regulation, you can enter a description if you want or a excise type to reveal those fields, and press “Tab” on your keyboard then you will get the following:
Type a description in the tax regulation.
  • Select a toll type.
  • Enter excise rate for that tax.
  • Select a linked account for which excise is collected.
  • Select a linked account for which excise is paid.
  • Select a linked card for tax authority if you have set up a card for an absolute taxation.
Now check you have entered the correct information and then click ok to save the changes you have made.
How to delete a tax code?
Now go to excise code list and choose a code you wish to delete by clicking on it and then select edit and then delete excise regulation. 
In case, you are not able to delete a toll code then you need to delete a consolidated toll code and then you’ll be able to delete individual toll code.
How to modify an existing tax code?
If you wish to modify an existing code from this list then you need to highlight a particular code from the list and then click edit. Now you have to double click on a tax code and then enter the changes you want to make and click “Ok” to save the desired changes. 
If you have some more questions regarding its accessibility then converse with an expert by dialing MYOB Accounting Support Number.

Faults connecting AccounRight in MYOB Software

An accounting service that helps you to manage your transactions, financial statements, cash inflow-outflow, sales and purchases, GST, emailing your quotes and invoices. It is easy to use, can be accessed anywhere with just the touch of your fingers and you can keep in touch with your bookkeepers or accountants. You can create unlimited categories of your products and can customize your store without any expense. All the orders are automatically synced and have even created many payment options for their users like PayPal, eGHL, iPay88, MOLPay. To know more about it, go to MYOB Support.
Sometimes you will come across the situation, where you are unable to access your account. AccountRight is not connecting to your company file due to failure in Internet Service Provider, software which scans is interfering with the connection of internet or not done time to time maintenance. The first thing which you can do is to restart it and then further-
1. Check the internet connection: There might be a problem in DNS servers, especially in the evening when there is a heavy load of traffic. Maximum people are using at that time, therefore, the pace diminishes.
2. You can alter to Google DNS:
Go to start button and in the quest option, type network and sharing center.
Tap on settings of the adapter.
On the active network, knock right and select properties.
Darken the Internet Protocol Version 4 from the list.
Go through the details of addresses displayed.
Enter the preferred and alternate server, then shut the Windows.
Now, start your account and open the file of the company.
3. Remove AccountRight from the authentication process: One of the major cause is of security software or any kind of virus checkers. It even reduces the speed and performance of the software, so, there can be exemptions set for that.
If you are not satisfied with the suggestions given above, no need to panic, you are just a call away from MYOB Customer Support Number +64-04-8879113, who is there to lend you hand in any situation.

How to install MYOB accounting plus v18?

If you thought of opening a business and don’t know where to start then MYOB, mind our own business provides you accounting software to manage your business.
By generating it provides flexibility to your business and allows receiving specific information about your business quickly and easily. By centralizing all your business information within one software program it gives you the authority to put some constraint so that someone in your will not be able to access the information.
If you are unaware how to install such amazing software just go through all the following steps or you can head to MYOB Support for any question about your product, training resources, and other information to help you get the most of your software.
Download the MYOB accounting plus v18 from the official site.
After the download is complete locate the file in your computer and double click on it.
The install shield wizard will run and security warnings will pop up. Click run.
 Make sure all other windows are closed except MYOB accounting plus v18 install window. A new window will open click next to start the process.
Now, click on “I accept the terms of the license agreement” and then click on next. You don’t need to read all terms and condition.
In the next window select “complete” to install all features of your MYOB software or if you want to customize the installation click on “custom”.
Once you select the above options click next.
Select the program folder to which the program icon is to be added and click Next.
Again click next in the new window.
At last, click finish, it will take some time to complete the installation.
You will be redirected to welcome page of the software. You may browse topics or close the web browser.
If your want any other kind of technical assistance along with any confusion in the above instructions you can call us on MYOB helpline number, feel free to call us.

How to edit or delete users in MYOB Essentials

If you have a business and you run it or you work for a company then you might know the tension that is incorporated with its functioning. There are a number of things that should be taken care of while managing any task related to your company. That’s why we keep financiers and accountants etc. to make such transactions and changes. All these charges can be reduced by using simple accounting software known as MYOB. This software can calculate all your GST and BAS, can manage your payroll, point of sale operations and much more. You can choose your type of product from a variety available according to your need. Here, in this article, MYOB Customer Support has talked about editing and deleting existing users in its Essentials service.

If you want to make changes in your user account then follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Go to your MYOB Essentials page and there click your business name.
  • In the next page, select the link that says, users.
  • A new window with the details of all the users in your business will appear. There, choose your user details and select the edit button.
  • In the edit section of the next window make changes according to your need and finally click the save button.

Now, if you want to delete a user then you have to have the administrative powers in your hand. Only administrators can delete a user or administrator. Follow the given strides in order to get that result:

  • Again, go to the Essentials page and choose your business name.
  • A new page containing all the details of existing users will appear. 
  • To delete a particular user, select that user and click the cross mark (X) against it.
  • Confirm your choice by clicking the yes button in the next window.

Now, you know the steps needed to manipulate a user in your MYOB Essentials account. But there can be some complications in achieving that target. You can have other problems also and for those very reasons you can Contact MYOB Support NZ on their toll-free number any time round the clock. A support team of professions is always ready to sort you out in any situation. 

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